SCALLEN® – Energy with taste


more power
more energy
more taste

SCALLEN® consists of high quality and selected ingredients. Finest and strictly controlled spring water from the Austrian Alps is the basis of this drink. The ingredients cause, depending on the amount ingested, an exhilarant and stimulating effect, especially by the caffeine (31,5g / 100ml). This effect is supported by the fresh experience. Due to these characteristics the product is consumed in many situations. Be it at work, on road trips, sports and games or at events as a trendy drink.

What makes SCALLEN® so attractive?

  • Great taste
  • Alcohol-free, therefore always safe to drink
  • Helps to improve productivity
  • Improves subjective well-being
  • Provides the body with rapidly utilizable energy and extra vitamins
  • Best quality at an attractive price
  • Visually impressive
  • The ram as a sign of strength, freedom and purity
  • Gluten free, vegan, wheat free, lactose free and dairy free. Halal.


Water is our most important food. The excellent quality of Austria’s Alpine spring water coupled with constant controls is the basis of SCALLEN®. Further important elements are sugar, taurine, caffeine and B-Group vitamins.

Nutritional value Ø per / 100 ml
Energy 204 kJ/48 kcal
Fat <0,1 g
Saturated fat <0,1 g
Carbohydrates 11 g
of which sugars 11 g
Protein 0,4 g
Salt 0,23 g
Niacin 7,92 mg/49,5 % *
Pantothenic acid 2 mg/33,0 % *
Vitamine B6 2 mg/142,9 % *
Vitamine B12 2µg/80 % *

*NRV = Nutrient reference value

Berge und Wasser

Best water quality from the Austrian Alps

Alpine spring water – Best drinking water

The water of Austrian’s Alpine springs is of extremely high quality and is one of the main ingredients of SCALLEN®. In order to supply top-quality worldwide, SCALLEN® is produced in the Austrian Alps. In fact, drinking water is the most strictly controlled food in Austria.

B-group vitamins

In the human body, vitamins of B-group are of vital importance for the energy supply and cellular renewal. They are also essential for performance efficiency, the regenerative power and the immune system of the body. Vitamin B6 is the most important coenzyme of the amino acid metabolism. Vitamin B12 is mainly found in liver, meat, eggs, and milk; it is, however, not contained in vegetable foods. Vitamin B12 can be stored in the liver.


is a body constituent and is also contained in the daily diet; it is a derivative of sugar which is present in various foodstuffs such as grain.


Sugar is of fundamental importance. It is a basic food like milk, flour, and meat – whether eaten as such or indirectly in processed products – and is a fixed component of human nutrition. Sugar is an essential energy source, which is necessarily missing in sugar free products.


Glucose (= dextrose) was discovered in grapes in 1792 and was identified as being different to cane sugar. This sugar is easily transported through the bloodstream and can immediately be metabolized by the human body as an energy source since it burns very quickly and thus saves the bodily sugar reserve supplies of the muscles.


Caffeine is one of the oldest stimulants known to mankind and is appreciated for its stimulating and performance-enhancing effect. Caffeine acts as a booster for blood circulation, whereby fat is burned at a higher rate; also the psyche experiences a stimulating effect which, in turn, increases the energy and concentration and does away with tiredness. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea
and many other food stuffs like chocolate, for instance.


Taurine is an amino sulfonic acid which is produced by the human body and is reduced to a large extent under certain circumstances like in situations of great stress or above-average physical strain.

Target group

Energy drinks are trend products and have long since been established on the market. It is one of the drinks with increasing market share. SCALLEN® is not only for everyone who needs an energy boost in between, but also for those who long for an effective refreshment regardless whether it is after sports or during leisure time. The stimulating effect is appreciated by everybody; workers or managers, professionals or students, motorists on long and tiring distances, or a fan of this top product!



The product name „SCALLEN“ is fantasy and was derived from the words

Skull → Skullen → SCALLEN.

The main feature in the logo is a Ram skull. The Ram is an Austrian animal and gives the product identification.


SCALLEN Energy Drink is „Made in Austria“.
The filling factory is located in Lauterach, Austria
Dosen 1

Dosen 3

Dosen 2


  • Content per can: 250 ml, weight 275g
  • Tray: 24x250ml, weight 6,8 kg, (32,5x22x13,7cm)
  • EUR palette: 108 tray, weight 750 kg (80×120 cm)
  • Truck: 31-33 pallets á 108 tray á 2.592 cans
  • 20” Container: (loading by hand): 3.140 trays (= 75.360 cans)
  • 40” Container: 24 pallets á 135 tray = 3.240 trays (= 77.760 cans)
  • Container Palette: 135 tray, weight: 940 kg