SCALLEN® is Halal

Halal Zertifikat

What is Halal?

Food and services that comply with Islamic regulations are summarised by the term “halal”. The term “halal” derives from Arabic and can be translated as “allowed, clean”. Food and services which do not comply with Islamic regulations are defined as “haram”.

Certified by accredited company

The Islamic Information and Documentation Center (IIDZ – Austria) is the only supplier in Austria, who fulfills the strict requirements for a halal-certification. This has also been certified by the Republic of Austria’s public authority, who issued us a business licence for consultancy and quality management for a halal-certification.


All these basic principles have led to official accreditation in the United Arab Emirates through the General Secretary of Municipalities in Dubai and through the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapur (MUIS), through Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), and IFRC, Malaysia. We are cooperating with the WHFC (World Halal Food Council) and are members of IHI (International Halal Integrity Alliance). Our halal certificates are internationally recognised.

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Benefits for SCALLEN®

Out of the 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide around 44,1 million live in Europe.

For our product SCALLEN® Power Energy Drink we create the access to these markets by complying with the Halal Certificate which meets the religious laws of Muslims worldwide as well as the specific national legal requirements.

  • Acceptance of our Halal product by Muslim customers
  • Ensuring that the processing of raw and primary goods comply with the halal-conformity
  • Halal-conformity of the product
  • Consumer confidence and increased customer satisfaction
  • Opening up new market and customer segments
  • Trend market with large potential of growth